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Note to Sarasota Buyers: Is a Turn-key Furnished Home or Condo Right for You?

Posted by Bill True on

The lure of the Siren's song is tantalizing, enchanting, almost hypnotic.

The Sarasota homes or condominiums for sale are beautiful, exquisitely staged by the developer or seller to appeal to the most discriminating taste. The property comes with an option: furnished as is, with the cost of the furniture added to the sales price, or unfurnished at a lower cost.

What's a home buyer to do?

Turn Key House in Sarasota FloridaObviously, if the "discriminating" taste of the decorator is not your cup of tea, there is no question to debate. You love the house, but send all of the furniture and accessories packing. You furnish and decorate from the ground up, with your personal style setting the tone for the eventual evolution of how this house will become a home.

Or, perhaps, you like some elements of the décor but not the entire tableau. Negotiation with the developer or seller can land you the pieces you want to keep to integrate with your current or planned purchases.

A third scenario is that you simply hate the interior decorator's style and will pay the price of moving your current furniture into a home you love, which might just compensate for the difference in sales price between furnished and unfurnished.

There are also those buyers who must make a quick decision, and sometimes choosing a furnished place just isn't the right one.

An important consideration to discuss with your Buyers Agent is the actual cost of those furnishings. During a 30-year, or even a 15-year, mortgage, what's the amortization of the cost of the cost, and will you still be paying for that furniture as part of your monthly payment even after you've replaced everything? Professional advice can lead you to the best decision.

Generally speaking, turn-key homes and condos for sale in Sarasota are most popular with people looking to rent the property for some length of time throughout the year. Rarely are they a permanent fix, but certainly are attractive to real estate buyers from out of state or out of country who need a nice place to live and work, right now, and have the luxury of taking their time to furnish a home in their own style, at their own pace.

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