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A New Or An Established Home In Sarasota?

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New home construction is flourishing in Sarasota.

For 2012, Sarasota and Bradenton saw a 29.8% rise in housing starts according to Metrostudy, a national housing data firm. The 4
th quarter of 2012 saw a bigger increase; 727 single-family units were started in 2012’s 4th quarter, an increase of 52.1% compared to 2011’s 4th quarter.

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With new homes as well as established homes in Sarasota, buyers have to ask: Do I go with a new house or stick with a durable, established home?
This checklist can help:


Costs are more predictable for new homes, but existing homes usually cost less per square foot. A builder must get a set amount from a new home to show a profit, so typically prices are more negotiable on existing homes. In some new subdivisions, a homeowner's association is a hidden cost.


 New developments often mean higher taxes. New communities need firemen, police, sidewalks, sewers, and schools. Homes in older areas offer a more predictable tax situation.


Sarasota’s older neighborhoods are closer to downtown. New subdivisions, schools, and retailers are typically a distance from the urban core. From a new subdivision, commuting could be costly.


In a new community, people moving there may share similar interests and seek similar opportunities. As communities age, you get a more diverse population.


If you have a chance to buy an original Burns Court bungalow downtown or an authentic Sarasota School of Architecture home on Lido Key, do it. Original hardwood floors, high ceilings, and other flourishes express a character in older homes that's impossible to copy.


Florida builders today must adhere to strict hurricane safety standards. New homes are safer from fire and more easily accommodate new security.


A new home means your own flooring, cabinets, appliances, custom wiring, and more. In an established home, you can feel enslaved to a previous resident's tastes.


Landscaping is costly; many new homes will have fewer trees and foliage. Mature trees, overgrown foliage, and well-watered lawns are typical of older homes.


Older homes usually cost more to air-condition and heat per square foot. Today’s designers use hi-tech materials such as glazed Energy Star windows and thicker insulation to lower energy costs.


Older homes mean more maintenance. Building materials may be harder to replace or match. New homes usually come with at least a one-year warranty; know what it covers.



You’ll have to decide for yourself if a new or an established home is right. Sarasota features luxury homes in both categories in lovely settings from the beaches to downtown to rural, interior Florida. You may want to act while lending rates are still at historic lows and prices are remarkably affordable.



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