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The Most Military-Friendly State now has one more Military-Friendly REALTOR

Posted by Bill True on

Since the passing of the “Florida G.I. Bill”, Florida has been dubbed the most military-friendly state in the USA.


Military Friendly Real Estate Agents

In the new bill, provisions have been made to provide military personnel with education benefits, jobs, property tax exemptions and more.  With honor like this, it is no wonder that so many personnel are moving to the paradise of Sarasota.



Let’s take a closer look at the new benefits provided by the “Florida G.I. Bill”:


1. Education Benefits

Starting July 1st, service men and women will be able to pay in-state Florida tuition regardless of residency. In addition, Purple Heart recipients along with the children and spouses of military personnel who died in the line of duty will receive free tuition. Funding also provides deployed National Guard members with the ability to earn their bachelor’s degree online.


2. Employment

Government, county and political positions give preference to military personnel and private employers are allowed to give preference as well (preference includes U.S. Armed Forces Reserves and the Florida National Guard). In addition, for up to 5 years after discharge, professional license fees are waved.


3. Property Tax Exempt

Veterans with total related disabilities are completely exempt from paying property tax on their primary residence while veterans with 10% disabilities or greater will receive a $5,000 exemption on their property tax.


4. Other Benefits

When veterans show the “V” on their license, showing veteran status, they will receive discounts and other benefits.



Want to make sure you take advantage of all of these benefits when purchasing a home in Sarasota, Florida? William True is here to help.


By earning his Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certification, William True is doing his part to ensure that True Real Estate is as military friendly as possible!

Throughout his MRP Certification course, True learned the ins and outs of how to find housing solutions best suited for all types of military personnel and their needs. He now knows how to fully utilize all of the benefits and support provided by the state of Florida to ensure the best buying experience for our current and former service men and women and their families.


Are you a veteran who is looking for a home in the Sarasota, Florida area?

Choose to work with William True. His passion for our troops is now backed by the MRP, providing him with the knowledge and education to assist our heroes and their families throughout the home buying process.

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